An official map shipped with Team Fortress 2, made for competitive tournaments.

Sunshine is a “5-control-point” map designed for and officially shipped with the game Team Fortress 2. Two teams, RED and BLU, are tasked with controlling all five zones, or control points, in the map – but only starting with two each. They must fight each other in order to take territorial control and advance. Eventually, one team will capture the other team’s final control point, and the game will end. This gamemode, abbreviated 5cp, is the most common mode of play in competitive Team Fortress 2 – and is what this map is specifically designed for.
Sunshine was a project spanning nearly 3 years and many, many iterations throughout its design cycle. I originally conceived Sunshine as a simple map with features only barely resembling the current state, and immediately began heavy iteration upon its first release. Testing took place in groups of 6 versus 6 players, the standard competitive lineup for TF2, and often brought insightful and useful feedback to me by means of tester’s comments. Iteration was based on the concept of a simple, easily understandable layout – I wanted players to be able to quickly and easily identify where they would need to go, and where the enemy would be coming from. In the end, this resulted in a skeleton design as seen on the right. Simple, isolated routes were created between the second and middle points, while a cohesive “lobby” splintering off into three exits connected the second and last points.
In late stages of its development, Sunshine was noticed by the renowned competitive league ESEA, and a fully detailed version was introduced with the announcement of their 16th season. I received extensive feedback and iterated heavily over the next few seasons with the map – being included each time. Sunshine has now seen 8 seasons of play in ESEA, and many more elsewhere across the world. The feedback I received through this testing was indispensable and is what helped me create the final version of the map. The creator of TF2, Valve Incorporated, took notice of my map and made it an officially shipped part of the game with the release of the “Meet Your Match” update on July 7, 2016.
The map has since received small updates here and there to fix any discovered bugs and touchup various areas. It’s remained a staple of the competitive scene since – many a match has been played on Sunshine. You can view standout casted games on the map below, along with general pictures of the various specific areas in the map.


Level Design
Environment Art
Concept, Production, and Management
Team Control and Quality Assurance
Publiciser, Marketeer, and PR Management

Programs Used

Source Engine
Hammer Level Editor
Inkscape (vector editor)
Specific Texture Editors
Internet Forums

Sunshine as Map 1 in the Insomnia 55 Grand Finals

Sunshine during Week 7 of ESEA season 22