The official Halloween version of Sunshine – shipped with Team Fortress 2.

Sunshine Event (Sinshine) is a re-texturing and re-imagination I made of Sunshine for Halloween 2015. The Team Fortress 2 team posted in advance that year that they were looking for community maps to take part in their annual Halloween update… so I decided to take my incredibly popular competitive map Sunshine and make it into a casual, rambunctious Halloween map. When the final public version was released a few weeks in advance of Halloween, Valve took notice and contacted me to include this map in their official update. Now this map is included and shipped with all copies of Team Fortress 2 – and as of July 7, 2016, its counterpart Sunshine is shipped as well.
This project was an enjoyable, fun little map made just for Halloween casual play. Most of the project consisted of taking my competitive map, Sunshine, and re-themeing and re-designing it entirely to fit with this new aesthetic. I wanted to keep the same general feel intact, but also wanted to create iconic locations just like the original map. Sunshine has its lighthouse, the focal point of the map – so I decided to make a clocktower structure in place of it for the nighttime Halloween remake. This re-themeing continued into last: where there was once a rocket facility, it became a wooden base located inside a volcano with the floor broken open right in front of the capture point. I included many other little quirks and changes, from changing the ocean of water into a lava field and a “bottomless” pit under mid.


Level Design
Environment Art
Texture Design
Concept, Production, and Management
Team Control and Quality Assurance
Publiciser, Marketeer, and PR Management
Asset Coordinator

Programs Used

Source Engine
Hammer Level Editor
Inkscape (vector editor)
Specific Texture Editors
Internet Forums