A Counter Strike: Global Offensive map set in the Italian riviera.

Riviera is a “defuse” map made for the game Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Players are assigned onto one of two teams – the attacking team, the Terrorists, must plant a bomb on one of the two bombsites in the map. The other team, the Counter-Terrorists, are tasked with stopping this by way of either killing all the Terrorists, or defusing the bomb once planted. This is the most popular mode of play in CS:GO – when I started planning out this map, I decided to work with this gamemode since it offers great strategic depth and offers the most complex layout intricacies within the game.


Riviera’s curvy layout

The main goals of designing this map were to create a finished, polished, and well-playing CS:GO map while challenging myself with the design of the layout. The map takes place within an Italian town, which classically has many odd angles and slopes in real life. As a result, my main goal within the development process was to create a fun, exciting layout utilizing the beautiful curving and angled architecture of the real-life riviera. The layout image shows the current iteration of Riviera’s layout: with the two red zones representing bombsites, and the two green zones representing where the two teams will spawn. As a result, the map has a unique feel when playing and requires players to acclimate themselves with the odd and unusual angles around the map.
Visually, Riviera bears a striking resemblance to its namesake – with various snazzy elements to spice it up. Initially, I was thinking of making the entire map inside the village – but decided against it as I thought that would create too much visual monotony. As a result, every portion of the map has a different “focus” to it. As a result, plans changed to accommodate. The map now takes place in a seaside villa, nestled into the side of a ruined castle – with a modern build-up park area being the starting zone for the Terrorist faction. The Counter-Terrorists start in the center of the villa, with indications as to where each bombsite is located. You can view specific portions of the map in the gallery at the bottom of the page.
This map was iterated via systematic tests with both bot-controlled AI and actual players. Testing sessions were held in groups of 5 versus 5 players, competing in the classic “competitive” setting within CS:GO. The tests were studied for proper arrival times, fair sightlines, good grenade positions, fair hold positions, and the general sense of “having fun”. The map went through many iterations before it reached its current state: where entire portions of the layout were redesigned or edited to create a better-playing map. Overall, reception has been quite positive.


Level Design
Environment Art
Concept, Production, and Management

Programs Used

Source Engine
Hammer Level Editor
Inkscape (vector editor)