A clean, modern-brutalist Team Fortress 2 map made for the competitive scene.

Reckoner is a “5-control-point” map designed for the competitive scene of the game Team Fortress 2. Two teams, RED and BLU, are tasked with controlling all five zones, or control points, in the map – but only starting with two each. They must fight each other in order to take territorial control and advance. Eventually, one team will capture the other team’s final control point, and the game will end. This gamemode, abbreviated 5cp, is the most common mode of play in competitive Team Fortress 2.
This map has been created and designed explicitly to be a counterpoint to the current rotation of competitive maps in the TF2 scene. Often, the current lineup of maps tends to create slow-paced, stalemate-like situations in matches – so I took it upon myself to directly fashion Reckoner to be a map which encouraged fast-paced play. Reckoner has been designed specifically to reward teams who play fast and play opportunistically, by creating areas and positions that pressure teams to hold forward and take position more aggressively than other maps.
Reckoner has been a heavily visible and recognised map within the competitive scene ever since its conception – heavy testing took place from the instant it was released. This made iteration efficient and fast-paced, with only a handful of alpha (non-detailed) versions being worked on before the large detailed “beta” release. Upon its release as beta, it was taken in by the largest European TF2 league, ETF2L – and has maintained as a fixture of the rotation ever since. The map has helped freshen up the scene, as European TF2 is infamously known as being slow and stalling often on many of the older maps. The feedback I have gathered from its stint in the league has enabled me to make the most recent version an incredibly polished, fast-paced experience.
You can view pictures of specific locations in the map below, along with the best professionally casted games taking place in European leagues.


Level Design
Environment Art
Texture Design
Concept, Production, and Management
Team Control and Quality Assurance
Publiciser, Marketeer, and PR Management

Programs Used

Source Engine
Hammer Level Editor
Inkscape (vector editor)
Specific Texture Editors
Internet Forums

Reckoner as Map 1 in the ETF2L s24 Preseason Cup Grand Finals

Reckoner as Map 2 in the DreamHack Summer 2016 Grand Finals