An attack/defend map, made for Team Fortress 2, with a unique gameplay twist.

Alloy is an “attack-defend capture point” map made for the game Team Fortress 2. In this map, the attacking team BLU is tasked with controlling the final capture point (or “zone”) owned by RED. There are two additional points, in places closer to the BLU base – which, if captured, each give a unique advantage over the final point. The attacking team can choose to capture both of the auxiliary control points, or only one – the final point is the only one that matters to win the game. This was designed as a way to give the map “dynamic” features, so teams could be able to shape their own path in the map and naturally figure out which solution would work better for them.
This project was a collaboration with Yrrzy, it was constructed over the course of a handful of months with work being shared between the two of us. Yrrzy constructed the initial layout, and provided me with an undetailed “base” for me to design environmental art on top of. Detailing was done by me, as well as minor changes to the gameplay layout to facilitate cleaner play alongside the new detailing. After passed back to Yrrzy, she made minor changes based off of further testing, and the map is how it is today.
The map was designed with the aesthetic direction of a steel forgery fa├žade hiding a RED team spy base. The goal was to make the outdoors areas contrast between the brownish-grey of the buildings and the orange-beige sky, which came out especially well. Fog was used to great effect to create an “early morning” look, and smokestacks billowing grey smoke were added to accent the pastel sky.
The final point, arguably the most visually striking one on the map, was designed around an open pit of molten steel. This creates a menacing red glow in the room, with clouds of steam emanating up from the pit. Players will know when they approach the point, and with these visual cues it’s easier for them to keep track of where they are inside the buildings of the map.


Environment Art
Level Design Assistance

Programs Used

Source Engine
Hammer Level Editor
Texture Editors